About us

Wahala no dey as you land for Street Church!

We be vibrant and powerful media organization wey

dey target the people wey no dey too enter church or wey never enter church before, through digital media, creativity, culture, and innovation. Our mission na to spread message of hope, love, and faith give the young generation, make dem fit live better life wey dey align with Christian values.

We start Street Church for 2021, and since that time, we don grow sotey we don get over 500,000 people for our social media community. We dey use engaging content and mind-blowing messages take connect with people wey get different backgrounds, and we dey invite dem make dem explore and embrace the teachings of Christ for modern and relatable way.

We sabi say this world dey change fast-fast, and young people dey influenced well well by digital platforms. Na why we setup Street Church with strong presence for social media, where people fit connect, engage, and grow together for their faith journey. You fit find us for Twitter and Instagram with the handle @streetchurchh. E dey very important make you follow us for there to get all the latest tori, discuss important matters, and receive inspiration.

Street Church no be just for online, we dey also get strong community for ground for different states inside Naija, and even for other West African countries and Western countries. We sabi say physical connection, fellowship, and support dey important, and we dey create opportunities for our members to come together, share experiences, and build meaningful relationships.

For Street Church, our passion na to change lives and make lasting impact for this world. We dey use innovative approach take spread the Gospel, as we break barriers and remove the old belief say church dey only happen inside building. We dey welcome everybody and appreciate different forms of creativity, as we understand say God message fit dey shared through different artistic expressions.

We dey invite you to join our vibrant community, either online or offline, so you fit experience the transformative power wey Street Church carry. Connect with us for our social media platforms, @streetchurchh, make you fit dey updated on our latest projects, events, and inspiring content. Make we together begin this faith journey wey go bring growth and positive change for our lives!

For more information and to explore wetin we dey do well well, feel free make you visit our Twitter and Instagram pages. We dey look forward to connect with you!

Twitter: @streetchurchh
Instagram: @streetchurchh



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Tunde TNT


Tobi Adesina

Creative Director



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Tope Oladimeji

Project Lead

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